RV Wind Turbine: Can It Really Power Your Vehicle?

You might have seen solar panels on RV, but you will be awed to know that there are wind turbines that can also work like solar panels. Like solar panels, wind turbines can be used to charge the battery in your RV. Sounds great, right? As days are going by, so does the upgrade of various technologies.

There used to be a time where people had to spend a huge amount of money to charge their batteries and to power up their vehicles.

people-had-to-spend-a huge-amount-of-money-to-charge-their-batteries-and-to-power-up-their-vehicles

On the other hand, in this current generation, the situation is opposite. Now, you can take help from nature and get your job done smoothly.

RV wind turbines are the smaller version of the regular wind turbines that you will see in farms or other places. These turbines come in portable versions so that you can easily install it and fit it in any of the desired places on your RV.

Following the article, you will get to know various information regarding RV wind turbine. From the definition to the possibilities of the turbine powering the vehicle, everything will be covered for your full understanding and personal benefit. Read on to find more.

RV Wind Turbine: What is It?

As mentioned already, this is a smaller version of the big turbines that can be seen in farms. Although the energy generation won’t be as huge as the bigger ones, the generated power will be enough to charge up the batteries of the RV. You can power your vehicle as well.

Accordingly, while using other electrical appliances in your RV, make sure you don’t use all of the devices at the same time. This will drain the energy at a very fast pace, which will not be a very beneficial idea for you. Along with the stored energy of the battery, your overall expense will reduce to an unimaginable amount.

You can install it on the roof or in the ladder portion of your RV. You can even add solar panels along with the wind turbine and reap all of the benefits from the solar and wind energy. In this case, your savings will increase to a good amount.

How Does It Work?

It works by using kinetic energy. The process is quite scientific but the information will be given in a friendly way so that you can easily have a grasp on it. The wind turbine has shafts and it rotates due to the wind. As it rotates, the generator that is connected to the turbine turns on.

As the movement of the shafts increases and remains in constant motion, kinetic energy gets converted to electrical energy. Then the electrical energy is stored in your RV’s battery by charging.

Can It Really Power Your Vehicle?

Yes, it can. Wind turbines cost much less than the solar panel. For getting effective results to power your vehicle, windy areas will be the best place to be. The constant flow of wind will get your job done very smoothly. If you want a bonus step, use both the solar panel and wind turbine for your RV.

In this way, the battery can be charged up day and night. Solar panels are best in use during sunlight, and wind turbines can be used day and night. So, give it a try by using both of them.


  • These are completely dependent on nature. It is considered environmentally friendly and very much effective in terms of expense.
  • No pollution will be released to the surrounding (carbon monoxide, etc.) and atmosphere. Despite the fact that the turbine has a generator, your surrounding will surely be safe from any kind of problem.
  • The turbine can be used day and night. Only a place where winds are sufficient is very important. If you have solar panels, wind turbines will come in handy. If you don’t have, use both of them to maximize the efficiency of energy saving and power your vehicle.
  • Boondock camping can easily be done with the help of the wind turbine. If there are any power malfunctions, the turbine will be your ultimate savior. You will be able to use the electrical appliances in your RV without any hesitation.

Some Drawbacks

  • If you are in a desert or in a place where there is no sufficient wind, the turbine will have a hard time powering up your vehicle. This proves that for the shafts to rotate, proper winds are necessary.
  • The turbine will generate a bit of noise. This might piss you off or the people that will be nearby your RV.
  • If there is a lightening in your area where you have your RV, there might be a chance for your turbine to get damaged. Though the chances are quite low, but it is still safe to take precautions beforehand.

Before You Install, Know This Things First

  • As mentioned earlier, it is best in use when the winds are great. If you are planning to go to a non-windy area with your RV, install solar panels along with it. This will be a good backup as the panel will do the same work as the turbine.
  • The turbines are quite noisy. However, some will be less noisy. Consult with the supplier when you will go to the market.
  • Some turbines are compatible with the solar panels, while some don’t work with the panels at all. To be on the safer side, buy the one that will work along with the panel. This will give you a chance to be a step ahead from any kind of problem in the future.


As you have read up to this point, you obviously had familiarized yourself with RV wind turbine. Read the article more than once so that you buy the best one and use it efficiently every time and reap the benefits out of it.

Moreover, always consult with the supplier and with the experienced people who have used wind turbine on their RV. Their guideline will be a big help that will benefit you in every way.

Best of luck, have a nice day!

  • Updated April 23, 2020