Micro Wind Turbine: Things You Should Know About

Wind turbines are a smart way to power up communities, businesses. When it comes to produce electricity in large scale, it requires a huge amount of investment. But luckily, there are micro wind turbines that can power several household devices without emptying the bank.

If you are interested to set up a micro wind turbine for personal usage, this article has lots of things to tell you.

What is Micro Wind Turbine and How Does It Work?

Micro wind turbines work with a method of microgeneration that use wind flow to produce electricity. An entire unit of a micro wind turbine consists of the turbine itself and an inverter. When the wind flows, the blades rotate and generate mechanical energy which then in the turbine gets converted into DC.

Later, the inverter turns this energy into AC. A breaker panel is connected to the inverter output and it allows the electricity to power electrical devices in homes.

A bidirectional meter sends excess electricity produced by the micro wind turbine to the local electrical grid. So, micro wind turbine owners can even earn money if the area where the turbine is located is very windy.

What are the Requirements for Setting up a Micro Wind Turbine?

You just cannot buy a micro wind turbine and set it up in your backyard or front yard. It requires permits and approvals as you would need for other microgeneration machines. The approvals and permits are given by the judicial government who are responsible for electric utilities.

After you get the approval from the authority, the retailer of your micro wind turbine will visit your area for an evaluation to make sure the requirements and qualification for setting up the turbine meet perfectly.

Then sit back and leave the rest to the retailer. They will do the necessary work requires for the installation.

What are the Factors that Might Affect Your Micro Wind Turbine?

The production of electricity largely depends on the rotational speed of the turbines. Obviously, certain locations are more suitable for production such green energy than others. So, the location does matter a lot. If your home or where you want the turbine to install, gets plenty of wind, only then it will be worth investing in.

Also, if the area is surrounded by obstructions such as large trees and buildings, it will affect electricity production. Then no matter how efficient the turbine is, it will not produce energy at its optimum capacity.

Micro wind turbines are way lighter than the giant turbines. So, in extreme weather condition, the turbine might fall and require servicing.

Advantages of Micro Wind Turbines

1. The first and foremost benefit of these turbines is that they are very cost effective. You don’t need to break your bank to get one. Micro turbines are very affordable and you can even earn money if your unit produces excess electricity.

2. Unlike a traditional turbine, a micro one doesn't have giant blades thus there will be no issue concerning how much space the blades will take from your neighborhood airspace.

3. The maintenance is easy. You don’t need to be a professional mechanic to deal with such turbines if anything wrong happens, in most cases. The maintenance cost is quite less as well.

4. Due to the small size blades, the chance for hitting birds and other flying being is much lower than full size wind turbines.

5. One of the most annoying things about wind turbines is, they make loud noises. But this doesn't happen with micro turbines.

6. You don't need a huge space for a turbine. In a small area, you can install multiple turbines.

7. If anything bad happens due to storms or other factors, still there is a low chance of getting a severe injury. They are safe for the sidewalks as well.

8. Micro wind turbines are small and beautiful and can add more value to the beautification of your yard or top roof.

Disadvantages of Micro Wind Turbines

1. They are not suitable for producing electricity in large scale.

2. Power is mostly used for devices of one or a couple of homes. They are not suitable to power up an entire community.

3. Micro wind turbines are less durable than the larger ones.

Final Words


With all that being said, although micro wind turbines are not as efficient and powerful as large turbines, they still manage to fulfill your small electrical demands smartly.

Before jumping to a positive conclusion, be sure that the area you are planning to install the turbine, gets wind flow on a regular basis so that you don’t regret later.

  • Updated April 22, 2020