Best Home Wind Turbine: Efficient for Residential Use 2020

Electricity has turned into a necessity in modern times. Starting from lighting up our household to powering air conditioners or heaters, electricity has given us many things.

Lately, different methods of generating electricity have been the topic of great interest. Not surprisingly, wind energy has been given much spotlight due to its ability for producing electricity in an environment-friendly manner.

Residents have now begun planting wind turbines in their home for efficient production of electricity in their household. Home wind generators are slowly becoming popular because of their various advantages.

That’s why, in this article, I will provide all the necessary information about the home windmill and also review the best residential wind turbines on the market.

Can a Wind Turbine Power a House?    

If you’re wondering if wind turbines are actually capable of powering your house, then the answer is yes. You just need to know some numbers about the power and electricity in your household.

This should not be a daunting task because you can get this information from your regional or neighborhood wind resource center. They have the information about the wind’s speed and in which direction it flows. This knowledge, coupled with your budget, can help you make a decision on what size turbine you should buy.

Usually, a conventional household uses about 10,932 kilowatt-hours (kWh) each year (close to 911 kWh per month). To make up for this requirement, a wind turbine with a range of 5 to 15 kW, based on the average wind speed in your area should be installed.

I’ll give you an example for you to understand better. Suppose your home needs 300 kWh every month and you live in an area that has a yearly average wind speed of 14 MPH (6.26 meters per second). In this case, you will have to install a wind turbine of 1.5 kW to fulfill your house's 300 kWh requirements per month.

10 Best Residential Wind Turbine for Home Use

Now, let me review some top residential wind turbines so that you can choose from the 10 finest ones available.

1. Happybuy Wind Turbine Generator 400W DC 12V Businesses 3 Blade

This wind turbine by Happybuy is one of the best home wind turbines because of the value it offers for the money. You will find that it is economical as well as practical and has all the attributes you’d want from a high-end wind turbine. It’s best for your home, office and also a factory.

What's great about this model is that it is small in size and actually quite simple to install. You can also install it wherever you want due to its innovative design. If you’re a busy individual, you’ll be happy to hear that this machine does not require much maintenance.

There’s a charge controller that ensures supreme power generation and also works as a shield against overcharging. You'll be amazed to learn that its startup speed is 2.5m per second, which is well worth your money.

This thing has a power tracking intelligent microprocessor control that gives it an upper-hand on other models. The processor gives constructive regulation of its voltage and also its current.

The company has used permanent magnet rotor alternator that makes sure that the model works without any hitch. The rotor alternator has a unique design that works well with the generator. Its components are developed from good quality aluminum & stainless steel that make it long-lasting.

Lastly, the turbine is layered in a special way so that it has good coverage from oxidization or disintegration if you ever experience bad weather conditions. It has erosion, water, and sand resistance to protect itself from damage.


  • Easy installation
  • Economical and practical
  • Allows complete off-grid electricity generation when coupled with a solar panel
  • Superior design and long-lasting performance
  • Decreases electricity bill


  • Sometimes packaged charge controller might not work properly

2. Windmill (DB-400) 400W 12V Wind Turbine Generator Kit

If you enjoy DIY projects and also do not want to spend extra money on paying someone for the windmill installation, then this windmill model is for you. It is packaged with all the necessary items for easy installation.

This one of a kind windmill is capable of working at 28mph of wind speed and can generate up to 400 watts. The windmill has a fitted MPPT that is used to turn DC energy into AC energy. To shield against overcharging and extreme wind speed an automatic braking system has been incorporated.  

The capturing thing about this windmill is that it provides good value for money. You can easily use this windmill for a small household and for equipment that does not demand too much energy. 

Although this windmill is a good choice for small houses, it is not suited for big houses or offices since it is capable of producing 400 watts only. Users of this windmill have reported that though it claims to charge at 6.7 mph, it actually takes about 10-15 mph for it to start charging.

On the other hand, you can use this windmill to reduce your electricity bill by using it side by side with your current power supply. What’s cool about this machine is that it has been developed for both land and water. It can be used along with your solar panel.

High- quality Polypropylene and glass fiber material provides a shield against saltwater erosion, UV rays, an abrupt surge in voltage and high wind speed. Overall, you can buy this windmill if your household does not have appliances that need high energy. You can make this your own project and install it yourself.


  • The tool kit makes it a breeze to install the windmill yourself
  • Features an auto braking system
  • Suitable for small houses
  • Compact size


  • Needs 15-20 mph wind speed to start charging

3. ECO-WORTHY 400W Wind Turbine Generator

Eco-worthy is a good brand to start off with if you’re new to the world of windmills. They began their journey in the year 2002 and have been developing efficient wind turbines since. Their team consists of experts who were renewable energy experts before.

This company has been popular for their off-grid systems from the very beginning. Their designs are targeted towards creating safe and affordable wind turbines. Although its price is attractive, consumers soon enjoy several of its features.

One such satisfied consumer shared that they had installed this wind turbine at 6000 feet. Soon they experienced strong wind and deep snow and were worried this would disrupt the operation of the turbine. Fortunately, the panel worked smoothly, and the turbine kept on rotating, hence delivering a steady supply of energy.

A slightly off-putting factor about this machine is that it does not come with a pole. You will have to purchase one separately. If you buy a pole that is 4.5m to 10m tall and is 7.4cm by 5.3cm in diameter, it should work fine with this wind turbine.

I will suggest that you also get 14awg cables, which is also recommended by the manufacturer. This cable will be used to link the wind turbine and the solar panel to the controller. You will have to get a battery that you stock the energy generated and power your appliances.

All in all, you can trust this wind turbine to perform well because the manufacturers have a big range of solar panel systems, so they know what they’re doing. They put much importance into providing their customers with safe and durable wind turbines to ensure a green and healthy environment.


  • Well-known brand
  • Developed by individuals who are renewable energy experts
  • Good customer feedback
  • Durable materials to protect from harsh weather


  • Poles are not attached

4. Automaxx Windmill 600W (12V/24V) (50A/25A) Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Automaxx DA-600

Automaxx is a popular wind turbine company because of its generator kit, which includes everything for you to install the windmill yourself. According to your needs, you will have to buy a post separately that you will use from the base to the windmill.

Parts used on the outside of the windmill and the ones on the inside are developed from good quality materials, although they are lightweight. This makes it necessary for the post to be secured properly so that strong or high wind cannot throw it off balance.

This Automaxx Windmill has the capability of generating power for up to 600W. It works efficiently due to its fiberglass blades and a rotor that is 4.3ft in diameter. The wind generator is best if you want your household electricity to be supplied off the grid. It is possible because the generator kit can be used alongside a solar panel.

It is great that the kit can be used with a solar panel because it in itself will not be enough to generate power for your house. The wind turbine generation kit comes packaged with necessary tools that you may require to install it on your own. Hence, saving you the cost of paying a technician too.

The appealing factor for this windmill is its ability to start working at a wind speed of just 6.7 mph and can produce 100A energy for charging your batteries. There is an automatic braking system incorporated into the wind turbine to provide protection against strong wind and overcharging. 

Overall, this is a good windmill by Automaxx because even though it has three blades, they are large enough to generate energy from wind. It has good long-lasting materials, and you will not have to worry about replacing or checking the windmill on a regular basis.


  • High-quality materials give it a long life
  • Kit for installation
  • Comes with water resistance
  • MPPT charge controller integration


  • Not suitable for big households

5. Windmax HY400 500 Watt Max 12-Volt 5-Blade Residential Wind Generator Kit

WindMax HY400 5 Blade

The Windmax HY400 home windmill is one of a kind. It is one of the best home wind turbines due to its sharp design and sturdy built that enables it to perform efficiently. Don’t be thrown with its small and compact size, it gives out great results and is reasonably priced.

Producers of this home wind generator have said that this windmill does not require strong wind to begin working; hence; you can even install it in any place or area you want.  The generator is packaged with the essential parts you'll need, such as the bolts, a generator, and a controller.

You will not have to worry about the velocity of the wind as the generator will work in strong winds because aerodynamic brakes have been in-built in this device. Lots of consumers have given positive feedback after purchasing this windmill due to its performance.

This wind turbine has an output of 500w wattage with its 12v system. Consumers have reported to having gotten 18mps 6 m/s, which isn’t bad at all!

I will recommend this windmill for small households and not for large offices or homes. Unfortunately, unlike the other windmills that I’ve reviewed, this windmill doesn’t really come with an informative manual or good kit so you will need a technician to install this for you.

However, this Windmax windmill is made from high-grade materials, and that ensures durability. Mixed nylon and improved fiberglass have been used to create the blades, which are supposed to be advanced airfoil. If you’re in the market for a windmill for a small home, then this will be a good purchase.


  • Can function in moderate speed
  • Long-lasting
  • Can generate viable output
  • Does not require any virtual maintenance


  • You have to pay extra for professional technician
  • The attached installation manual is vague with insufficient information

6. SHZOND Wind Generator 400W Hybrid Wind Turbine Generator 


This home wind turbine review is for leisure lovers. If you own a boat, chalet, mobile home or if you have a gazebo in your garden, you can use this windmill to charge batteries in them. The most well-known reason they are popular is that they can be employed in these leisure areas.

The Shzond wind generator consists of three blades that can generate a power of 400W. Its rated voltage is of DC27-54V with a battery voltage of DC 12V. It comprises of a good beginning wind speed that is 2.5m/s (8'/s). The rated wind Speed is 12m/S (35'/s), and the rated speed is 800r/min.

Although it looks like a simple fan with its non-clustered design, it does not take anything away from this windmill or hamper its performance. It is quite user-friendly and easy to maintain. Since the design isn’t complication, installation isn’t hard either.

Blades of this windmill are excellent in using the strong wind to its advantage. You can easily maneuver its position because it is light and small. There are many windmills in the market that vibrate a lot and create noise pollution; fortunately, this wind turbine isn't one of them.

Reinforced glass fiber is used to make the three blades of the wind turbine. This has aided in making it into an optimized and efficient structure. The windmill has an aerodynamic design, which further enhances its ability to perform in leisure quarters.

You can also view the installation of this wind turbine as a DIY project when you are at your mobile home or chalet because it comes with all the necessary tools to do it yourself.


  • Small and compact design
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Great for use in small homes
  • Does not overcharge due to inbuilt shutdown system


  • Manual contains vague instructions

7. ECO-WORTHY 24 Volts 600 Watts Wind Solar Power


Eco-worthy makes an appearance again! Well, that’s because they engineer great wind turbines. Since their inception, they have been involved in developing wind turbines with the knowledge of several engineers who are passionate about the environment as well as excel at designing turbines that produce great power.

For optimal performance, it is best to pair solar power and wind power. The best in the market who provide access to both is Eco-worthy. Their wind turbines come with a solar panel. This one, in particular, comes with two solar panels made with polycrystalline of 12V 100W.

This wind turbine is suitable for installation in areas with the plentiful wind. You can use it for your secluded home, or your vacation cabin in the woods or any other location that has a good flow of wind.

The blades of the turbine are made from nylon fiber and designed in a precise manner to perform excellently.  Thanks to its aerodynamic elasticity and design, the blades are durable and protected against a strong wind. See how the engineers have designed it for maximum performance?

Another amazing feature of this wind turbine is that it is covered with aluminum casting. This gives you two advantages; one is that it works as a great shield against the weather, and the second is that it saves the turbine from being overheated.

There is a regulator attached to the turbine, which shuts down by itself when the batteries are charged. Now that's a plus too, isn't it? Even if you do face any problems with this product, Eco-worthy's customer service is excellent as they are very involved and eager to help their customers.


  • Provides solar panel for optimal energy production
  • Excellent customer service
  • Durable material
  • Integrated regular


  • Requires clearer instructions for installation

8. Tumo-Int 1000W 3Blades Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Tumo-Int M5-1000

Tumo-Int. is a Chinese brand, which focuses on developing a high-quality design and efficient performance of wind turbines. Since their factory establishment in 2008, they have been designing and manufacturing reliable renewable energy systems. 

Don’t be fooled with its tall and lanky appearance. This wind turbine from Tumo-Int. is quite exceptional for a home wind turbine because it has been engineered to have a 1000w generator that is able to charge a 48V battery bank.

If you live in a region that experiences low winds, then this wind turbine will work well for you because it has a start-up speed of 5.6mph. However, it is capable of withstanding wind speed of 90mph, so be careful not to place it in a strong wind prone area. Hurricane, tornadoes, and heavy storms can harm the wind turbine.

The ideal environment for this machine is in a region with 8mph annual wind speed. When it is at its best, it can produce up to 1050W power, which is 50W above its actual rated wattage. An MPPT controller and dump load are also incorporated to discern and maneuver the voltage.

This wind turbine has a good reputation in the market for being the best home wind turbine because of its reliability and efficiency. A wind energy system expert has shared that he used this wind turbine from Tumo-Int. to change an existing Southwest wind turbine situated in the Rocky Mountains.

You will not be able to install this machine because it is not DIY friendly. The wind turbine weighs 77 pounds, so it isn’t easily maneuverable. You may also have difficulty setting the controller to your desired setting. But the company has customer service in English, so you can contact them for issues at any time.


  • Doesn’t make much noise although it weighs 77 pounds
  • In-built MPPT controller
  • Capable of charging a 48V battery bank
  • Teflon wire is used to protect from over-heating


  • Not suitable for placing on the roof because it's heavy

9. Pacific Sky Power Starter Wind Turbine Generator

Pacific Sky Power

This brand specializes in utilizing clean wind energy to generate usable power. Their portfolio features small wind turbines that do not require too much power to generate electricity. When paired with 12V batteries and an inventor, these little guys can supply power to some of your home appliances.

Pacific Sky Power Starter Wind Turbine Generator is perfect for individuals new to this technology. The entire machine is a single piece, which means it does not require any putting together. All you have to do is take it out of its packaging and position it on the roof of your house that gets enough wind to generate power.

Furthermore, this wind turbine does not need a pole. You can place it on top of your roof and fence. You can also mount it on a tree if you have one close to your house. It has an 8ft power cable and 15in propeller to help it rotate if there isn't sufficient wind. This guy weighs only 1lb, so it's very light.

Initiation speed of this machine starts at 8mph wind speed, which is quite low. It is capable of generating 15watts DC electrical power. Usually, the wind turbine can withstand wind speed of 40mph, but if it goes above that, you should change the propeller to fiberglass reinforced one, which you can find in their shop.

Although the wind turbine has the capacity to generate sufficient energy to charge 12v batteries, they are not able to power your appliances if you connect them directly.

A diode is included with this turbine, so you do not have to worry about back feed from the charger you're charging from. The wind turbine is small enough to be mounted anywhere, starting from an RV to a power a small campsite.


  • Small size
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t require assembly
  • Can be positioned anywhere


  • Requires constant wind flow to generate electricity

10. Wind Turbine Generator Kit 400Watt DC12V Indoor Outdoor


Last on my wind turbine list is a wind turbine by Awiterbine. The manufacturers say that it has a high power generation rate. Its rated energy production rate is also impressive, coming at 1000KWH per year.

This wind turbine is said to produce 3 to 5 times more energy than advertised when it actually gets to work. You may be wondering which areas or climate region this wind turbine is best suitable for.

You can install this machine in stationary places or in motion vehicles. For example, it can be positioned in your home, business, or industrial buildings, but it can also be mounted on top of RVs and boats.  

Installing this wind turbine can be treated as a DIY project because it is very easy. Its simple design and user-friendly approach make it easy to assemble. Furthermore, the package includes a manual that is detailed about all of its necessary parts, so you'll know what is what and a step by step assembly diagram.

Startup speed for this turbine is 2.0m/s (8'/s) that is quite low. The turbine can rotate 360 degrees, which means that the turbine can utilize the wind from all directions, which further enhances its performance ability.

The blades are made of nylon-fiber and have been structured in a way to provide optimal power. Along with its capability of utilizing wind from all directions, it can also utilize the power from strong winds due to its aerodynamic design. You will not be bothered by a loud noise from this turbine as it has a low vibration.


  • Easy installation
  • Detailed manual
  • Start-up requires low wind speed
  • Low vibration so less noise


  • Consumers have reported that a separate base has to be created to mount the turbine

Here’s What to Look for Before Buying 

There are a lot of advantages to installing a home wind turbine. It does not have harmful effects on the environment because it is eco-friendly since it is renewable clean energy. It also works as a great substitute to power important appliances in your house whenever there is an electricity outage.

Now that I’ve given you the best home wind turbine reviews so that you know which wind turbines to look for let’s look at the features of a wind turbine that you should consider before actually purchasing one.

Automatic Braking System

This feature is perhaps one of the most important ones because if it is in-built in the generator kit, it will protect it against high winds. At the same time, it should also have a manual brake to stop overcharging and overheating. 

Wind Speed

It is always good to look for a wind turbine, which requires less wind speed to get to work. Preferably, look for a wind turbine that has a cut-in wind speed as low as 6mph.


Remember to see if the assembly kit and the instruction manual are available with the product. If a manual is given, see if the instructions are clear enough for you to assemble and install the wind turbine yourself.

Optimal Power Output

You can understand that a wind turbine is efficient if it comes with an in-built MPPT power tracking, so you won’t have to do it manually. 

Design And Build

Since this is a piece of equipment, you that you have to position outside, it may be subjected to harsh weather conditions. That is why it is necessary to do proper research about the materials used to develop the wind turbine so you can rest assured that strong winds will not harm it.

Solar Compatibility

Sometimes your wind turbine can be paired with a solar panel, and if so, then you can easily integrate between the two if the need arises.

Preferred Height

Getting a tall enough tower can maximize the performance of your wind turbine because it can utilize the wind in greater height. Be sure to avoid positioning your turbine close to other structures such as trees or other buildings.


Not many wind turbines come in lightweight or lean sizes. So, if it is absolutely necessary for you to place it on your roof, then you must take the weight into consideration as a heave weight wind turbine may dampen the roof structure, putting your safety under danger. 

Tried And Tested Model

As tempting as it might be to buy a brand new or flashy model, it is always advised to stick to the wind turbines that have been in the market for a while. This machine will power the appliances in your home, and the wrong model may harm them.

Tilt Down Models

It is said that tilt-down wind turbine models are easier to maintain than wind turbines that are as long as 100ft.

There are some things that you need to assess your own requirements and usage before you take the final decision.

Sufficient Space

You do not need to live in a remote or deserted area to install a wind turbine, but you do need sufficient space or room for it to work properly. It must have enough room for the wind to flow and that no obstacle is blocking the pathway.

Wind Prone Area

It is wise to know the wind speed in your area to see if your investment in a wind turbine is justified. You don’t need to go through much hassle as you can visit the National Water and Climate Center to get knowledge about these things.

Know Your Own Power Usage

Before deciding on what size or capacity wind turbine you require, you first need to determine your power usage for at least a year. This will give you an idea about how much power you require so that you can buy a wind turbine accordingly.

Use An Anemometer


This device lets you measure your wind speed and its direction for approximately 12 months. It can prove to be very useful while deciding which turbine to purchase and how much power generation you’d require. 

Check Local Ordinance

Before you get excited with your wind turbine installation project and set out to buy one, do a little research on your region's rules and regulations regarding these devices. This will also help you to assess a suitable tower height.

Compare Prices

You will find similar wind turbines with a massive difference in prices. It may due to its design, high-quality material, or just priced higher due to brand value. Take a buyers’ guide and compare different features to buy a suitable wind turbine within your budget.

Take Note From Other Buyers

A simple method in obtaining information about windmills is actually discussing your options with someone who has already installed it in their own home. This will provide with otherwise knowledge about problems you might face and need to consider.

Determine A Suitable Model


Generally, there are two different types of wind turbines; vertical axis and horizontal axis. You have to figure out which type of model will work efficiently in the region that you live in.

Must Come With Important Parts

Before making a purchase check the list on the package to make sure all the important parts or components required to install and operate the wind turbine are included in it.

Decide If You Wish To Stay On Or Off The Grid

If you do decide that you want to take your power supply completely off your local grid, then it is best to buy a wind turbine that comes with a solar panel. However, you want to stay connected to the local grid that works too.

I am sure that if you keep these pointers in mind, you will be able to purchase a home wind turbine that will work well to meet your power requirements.

Are Residential Wind Turbines Efficient?

If you’re unsure and slightly hesitant to commit to a home wind turbine, there is no need to be. Not only do residential wind turbines efficient, but they are also cost-effective. Installing residential wind turbines have become quite popular in recent times. It provides the best results to generate power from wind.

You might be worried that using a home wind turbine may harm the environment, but that is not true. These devices just utilize the wind to generate power without the production of harmful gases.

They are also cost-effective in the sense that they will reduce your monthly electricity bill significantly. You can use wind turbines as a proxy if there is a power shortage in your local electricity supply. 

To give you an idea about how to decide on required power wattage I’ll share an example. If your location has an annual average wind speed of 14mph and your homes necessary power requirement is 300 kWh each month, then a wind turbine of 1.5kW will work best to power your house.

Home wind turbines are at their best when used in the wind prone areas and situated at a great height because then they can utilize the wind to generate power more efficiently.

Installation and Maintenance Cost

Two aspects of the cost of wind turbines have to be taken into consideration: operation and maintenance (O&M). Many new operators and manufacturers have recently understood the importance of averting failure as opposed to working the windmill until it gives out.

We must look at maintenance aspects in two different ways. The first being the maintenance to be done regularly, and the second is for maintenance for unforeseen issues.

You can divide the O&M costs into three different parts. One straightforward way is to consider the yearly charges as a percentage of the installation cost, preferably between 3 to 5 percent. You may also take into account the yearly power output or amount of electricity generated in an hour.

While calculating costs associated with your wind turbine, you have to calculate aspects such as turbine stoppage time or shut off due to issues with components within itself.

If you live in a remote area where it will take time for technicians to reach you, then you also need to think about costs for repairing the device as well as the revenue that is wasted during the windmill’s off-time.

Calculations will be made easier when you know more about your power generation requirement, durability of your windmill, and how much power it can generate hence giving you an idea about how much you earn or lose.

What Can Go Wrong?

It's about the problems you may face regarding home wind turbine and their solutions. Although the advantages of installing a home wind turbine outweigh its problems, there are a few issues you need to consider that I must highlight here because I really want you to know all the facts about this new technology.


Although there are some wind turbines that are compact and do not hamper the landscape at all, there are also tall and lanky ones, which can put a damper on your homestead. 

You may find people in your neighborhood who appreciate this economic and environmental device, and there are those who view it as an interruption in their simple landscape.

One possible solution can be that you paint your windmill in neutral shades to make it easier on your eyes.


The windmill is usually installed in quiet or remote areas without any noise disturbance. So, the constant hum or vibration of the generator can be a put off for the people living in the area.

However, in recent times, wind turbines are being designed to produce less and less sound.

Shadow Waver

This can be a little annoying problem, which your neighbors face if you position your windmill in a way that causes a shadow to waver as light passes in between the blades of the turbine.

Be sure to place your windmill in a location does not obstruct the light pathway for your neighbors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a wind turbine generate energy?

Electricity is generated in a wind turbine when wind passes through its blades, causing a shaft to rotate, which is situated in the generator.

2. What is the rated capacity of a small wind turbine?

Small wind turbines have a rated capacity of 50 kilowatts or less.

3. How to position small wind turbines?

A wind turbine is at its best if mounted on a pole because its efficiency increases with more height.

4. What is the life expectancy of wind turbines?

Majority of wind turbines are designed in a manner to work efficiently for at least 20- 30 years. It may work even longer if the manufacturers’ instructions are followed properly.

Final Verdict

So, there you go, guys. I hope my best residential wind turbine reviews help you find the most efficient residential wind turbine.

If you have any questions regarding the topic left unanswered, give me a shout in the comments section.

  • Updated April 18, 2020