15 Wind Turbine Facts That You Should Know

As populations are growing on an unimaginable state, so does the need for the use of energy on a daily basis. But the problem is that the energies that will be used are non-renewable. As a result, people can’t use it for a lifetime.

On this account, people all over the world are shifting their needs towards the use of the kind of energy that is cheaper, and mainly that can come naturally. The recent trend is the use of wind turbine, and the demand is growing at a very fast pace all over the world.

However, the demand should obviously be growing as the only thing people need is a wind turbine. The turbine will take wind energy and convert it into electrical energy that people can easily use for their beneficial purpose. What a great way to take benefits from nature, right?

Following the article, you will be able to know about 15 wind turbine facts. You should know these facts as the information will give you in-depth knowledge about the energy resource that is greener for the environment.

Let’s get started.

15 Wind Turbine Facts: Check It Out

1. In 200 BC, wind energy was first developed. The technique of using the energy was generated with the help of windmill in that time region. This magnificent development happened in Persia and China.

Mariners used to take help from the wind energy and use that for sailing to distant lands. Farmers used to pump water and grind grains with the help of the turbine.

2. During 1940, the first modern turbine was built in Vermont. From that point till now, the turbines are constantly being upgraded. Current turbine towers height is over 328 ft tall. The tower height is larger than that of statue of liberty. New generation turbine blades are over 300 ft long.

3. Likewise, the largest turbine was built in Hawaii. Its height is similar than that of a 20 storeis building. The blades of the turbine are similar to that of a football field as well.

4. A wind turbine can only be used using wind energy. No other forms of energy are needed. Normally, water is used for energy storing purpose, but the turbine is immune to the usage of water.

Accordingly, the turbines are constantly being made high so that it can reach into a larger height in order to reach the upper atmosphere. The higher the turbine, the more wind energy it can gather, and the faster it can store to make it useful for the humanity.

list-of-the-top-position-of-the-production-of-wind-turbine around the world

5. China is at the top position of the production of wind turbine around the world. The USA is in the 2nd position having more than 500 wind turbine manufacturing plants and the employees working all of the plants are over 73,000, yet is working very hard to outwork China.

6. Commercial turbines are very powerful. Only a single of this kind of turbine can be used by 600 American homes for electricity usage in every aspect. In order to power up a single home, a medium sized turbine in your backyard or rooftop can do the work smoothly.

Wind energy is very much affordable. People from different status can buy it easily without any hesitation. Back in 2014, USA sold the wind energy to a minimum amount of 2.35 cents to their people.

7. Although the turbine is being modernized and developed with time, it is still being not utilized by many people all over the world. Despite that, there has been a good improvement of around 25% increase in the usage of wind turbine all over the world in the past 10 years.

8. The demand for wind energy is due to its contribution to making the environment greener. The working process of the turbine doesn’t produce any kind of pollution like the emission of toxic gases (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc.) to the atmosphere. The source of energy is clean.

Furthermore, installation cost is cheap and the latest technology is constantly using creative ideas to make the cost of the turbine as cheap as possible so that all can avail the opportunity.

To support this good initiative, the government is providing various benefits to the companies that are manufacturing and supplying wind turbines around the world.

9. Wind turbine has been criticized by many people. The criticism started when people use to claim that the turbine provides irritating noise which used to piss off people and their neighbors. Another accusation was that the turbine is the reason for killing birds and bats and it is decreasing their population.

However, later investigation revealed that the birds and bats used to get electrical shock due to the power grid and even they got hit by a fast-paced car out of nowhere.


The latest criticism is that the wind turbine can’t be in use if there is no proper wind energy. In this case, people won’t be able to use electricity as the generation of energy will come to a halt.

10. In the USA, it is estimated that wind turbine will save 30 trillion bottles of water approximately within 2030. This will be huge achievement if wind turbine manages to pull this off.

11. In offshore locations, the turbine can be installed and can easily be operated. The location is beneficial as wind energy is huge. Energy generation will be very good but one thing needed to be kept in mind is that the installation cost will be higher than the local installation.

12. Wind energy plays very important role in Portugal and Denmark. It produces around 20 % of electricity in that country.

13. A wind turbine is made up of 8,000 components of various types. Although the turbine looks simpler from outside, the elements that build it are quite complicated.

14. If you are up for sailing ships or ride in a caravan, a small turbine will do the work efficiently.

15. The turbines can even be installed on floating structures. The electricity connection mainly comes from the land, and the undersea cables create all the magic.


These are the top 15 facts that you should know in this current generation. There are also other facts; you can check them out on the website. Stop using the non-renewable source of energy like fossil fuels etc. Go for the turbine, help yourself, help the people around you and most importantly the environment. In the end, stay healthy.

  • Updated April 24, 2020